[DSPhoto Go!]群晖TV DSPhoto启动器,解决DSPhoto安装后无启动图标问题 – Solution to the problem of no app icon after installation of Synology Android TV-DSPhoto

由于群晖TV DS Photo使用了Android TV的特性,导致部分电视和电视盒设备在安装DS Photo后没有显示启动图标,为此笔者编写了一个Android APK [ DSPhoto GO! ],可以启动已安装的TV DS Photo,希望可以帮助到群晖的NAS玩家们。

Because the Synology TV DS Photo uses the features of Android TV, and some devices do not display the DS Photo startup icon after installation, For this reason, I make a Android APK [DSPhoto GO!], which can start the installed TV DS Photo, hoping to help the NAS players of Synology . ( PS: I use MI TV , Nice TV yet ^_^ )

若TV DSPhoto未安装,DSPhoto GO!会弹出TV DSPhoto应用提示和下载链接。

If TV DSPhoto is not installed, DSPhoto GO will provide TV DSPhoto application hints and download links.

若TV DSPhoto已安装,DSPhoto GO!会直接启动TV DSPhoto程序,准备享受接下来的一切美好吧。(PS:由于手机录像方便,所以视频使用手机演示)。

If TV DSPhoto is installed, DSPhoto GO! Will directly start the TV DSPhoto , ready to enjoy all the good. ( PS: Because of the convenience of mobile video recording, mobile video demo is used. )

DS Photo Go!在小米电视上效果 — DS Photo Go! in MI TV 

——————– DownLoad ——————-

[DSPhoto GO!]:DSPhoto-GO-v1.0.1.apk

百度网盘下载 提取码:tmrh

TV DSPhoto启动器,用于安装TV DSPhoto 后无图标的电视设备!

TV DSPhoto launcher for no icon TV equipment after installation of TV DSPhoto!

[TV-DSPhoto]:Synology -Android-TV-DSPhoto.apk

群晖DS Photo允许您在智能Android电视或智能机顶盒的大屏幕上欣赏照片和视频。

Synology  Android DS photo allows you to enjoy photos and videos on the large screen of a smart Android TV or with a smart set-top box.

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